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The Splatterkore Terrorcast is released bi-weekly, with a set from a different artist each time. If you would like to have a mix/set featured on the Terrorcast then send a link for download to splatterkoreterrorcast@live.co.uk. All styles and genres are welcome.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Splatterkore Terrorcast #9 Angerkick & Darklime

This week we have Angerkick & Darklime from Russia with some speedcore/metal/grind madness!!

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Annoying Ringtone - Bass And The Woods
Peckerhead - Shaddap You Face

m1dlet - I'm Falling Away (8-Bit Mix)
Realicide - I'm Not a Fucking DJ! (The Tleilaxu Music Machine Remix)
Hara-Kari Kitty - Android Goreball V2 (Butzz Remix By Ayer Killing Spree)       
Koobaatoo Asparagus - ADHD Music
Muk - Bob Sacamano

Drill Bra -  Funk master fuck   
Hair Police - Untitled
 Rot 'N' Creep - Aggression Is My Passion   
 Sleep of Ages - Hero of Rome   
Alesaparanoid - Despair
Batard - 666 Beers
Annoying Ringtone - North Side Stars   
Gonzar - Remedies of the death crow
RJ Myato - Prison Talk
 Cannabis Corpse - Sickening Photosynthesis
Necro Grinder - Energyzer
Wadge - Grindcore Lu'au
The Noisy Terrorist - Scent Of Flesh
DJ Floorclearer - Infected 2008

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Shotgun Cupid       
 Mongoloid Moonshine - Turn down sex slide           
Noisekick - Ik Vermaak Me Optimaal   
The Berzerker - Retribution   
Divtech - Omnipotence
Igorrr - Very Long Chicken

Sex Carcass - 84 lungs and 29 smokers   
Xasverion vs Overfiend - Bad Motherfucker

Listen Here:

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Splatterkore Terrorcast #9 Angerkick & Darklime

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