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The Splatterkore Terrorcast is released bi-weekly, with a set from a different artist each time. If you would like to have a mix/set featured on the Terrorcast then send a link for download to splatterkoreterrorcast@live.co.uk. All styles and genres are welcome.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Splatterkore Terrorcast #3 Noizy Az Fuck

For this weeks Terrorcast we have the scouce metal machine Noizy Az Fuck. This is an excellent mix of metal, breakcore and speedcore. get stuck in!!

For Those Who Have Fallen/A Terrifying Reality (intro) (Drop Beats, Not Babies/Splatterkore 2008)
Mongoloid Factory (Kore Obsessed/Braincore 2011)
Dark Experiments (Kore Obsessed/Braincore 2011)
Psychic Fire (Kore Obsessed/Braincore 2011)
Total Block (unreleased)
Happy Accident (Kore Obsessed/Braincore 2011)
A Terrifying Reality (Kore Obsessed/Braincore 2011)
Microchip Monster (Cyber Violence/Splatterkore 2010)
STD Core (Cyber Violence/Splatterkore 2010)
Metal Fever (Cyber Violence/Splatterkore 2010)
Decisions Decisions (Cyber Violence/Splatterkore 2010)
Kitten Cruncher (Very Metal 2009)
My Life Has Value (Cyber Violence/Splatterkore 2010)
Patrick's Gone A Bit Funny (unreleased)
Thrash Me(N)tal (Very Metal 2009)

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Splatterkore Terrorcast #3 Noizy Az Fuck

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