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The Splatterkore Terrorcast is released bi-weekly, with a set from a different artist each time. If you would like to have a mix/set featured on the Terrorcast then send a link for download to splatterkoreterrorcast@live.co.uk. All styles and genres are welcome.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Splatterkore Terrorcast #1: Slugrot

For the first installment of the Terrorcast we have south coast producer and DJ, Slugrot, with 45 minutes of non stop ear rape! All tracks in the mix are out on Splatterkore and are available to download from the website, Along with the new release just out today Subrincinator by Mondshowan.

Track listing:

Junkcore - The War
The Nephilim - AM-FM bastard
Nuh - Hicksville
Cerberus - Harbingers of the Apocolypse
Slugrot - Brain Bunker
Spitting Vitriol - Cinex
Oozat - Farmington Massive
Lord Nazgul - Heaven & Hell
Junkie Kut & Alex B - Circumsize the choloform
Nuh - Grind Zero
Noizy Az Fuck - My life has value
Drugzilla - Swine Flu is only a joke
Hatewire - Narcotically fuelled wanker removal

Listen here:

or right click and save to download here:

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